10 Travel Trailer Brands Offering You the Best Camping Experience

Make camping even more fun for you and your family. Get yourself an RV or trailer from one of the top ten travel trailer brands and see how much better and easier your camping life can be.

Taking the family on a camping trip should be one of the best things you can do and the best travel trailers are designed with just that in mind. From length to floorplans to materials and storage space, there is a travel trailer that fits your needs and provides convenience and practicality.

Whether you want luxurious surroundings or a space to store all your outdoor toys, read on to find out more about ten of the best travel trailer brands.

1. Avenger

Avenger is one of the top travel trailer brands. They build their trailers with a design aesthetic that promotes hand-crafted components and premium materials throughout. This attention to quality and detail makes life great when you take one out on a camping trip.

Avenger is all about user enjoyment. They want people to have fun when camping, but they also want that fun to be luxurious. There are more than thirty floor plans in various lengths available to choose from, so you’ll find something to suit your needs. 

2. Cougar by Keystone

For people who need space and size, the Cougar travel trailer is one of the best travel trailer brands on the market. Manufactured by Keystone RV Company, the Cougar comes in multiple floor plans ranging from 22 to 34 feet long.

Full of high-tech conveniences from solar power to smartphone-app-enabled convenience, the Cougar is sure to be a hit with larger families.

3. Flagstaff

Flagstaff RVs are produced by Forest River. Flagstaff RVs are built to get you outside and exploring the wild. This travel trailer brand knows that dependability and rugged equipment is what families need to make camping enjoyable and safe.

Flagstaff has eight models ranging from a soft-sided camper to the flagship Classic model. Each model has a variety of floorplans to suit your needs.

4. Fleetwood

If you don’t want to tow a trailer, then Fleetwood RVs are a great choice. Their range of full RV coaches offers flexibility and durability when you need everything ready to go in one package and don’t want to hook up a trailer to a truck.

Fleetwood has been producing RVs for more than sixty-five years, so they have the experience and longevity to understand what makes camping an enjoyable experience rather than a difficult one. 

Their motorhomes are also some of the best looking on the road. Fleetwood offers four paint options so that you can pick the one that makes you happiest when you’re driving it or sitting by the campfire next to it.

5. Four Winds

Four Winds Class C motorhomes are powerful enough to make your driving experience great. They come with either a Ford or Chevy V8 engine that reduces stress when you’re circling around mountain passes to find the perfect campsite.

Fifteen floor plans in lengths from 22 to 32 feet mean there are plenty of options to choose from. Slideouts on almost all models create extra space for larger beds so that you don’t have to camp in confined quarters.

6. Impact by Keystone

Another entry from Keystone on the list of best travel trailer brands is the Impact. This brand is perfect for people who have a lot of toys to take on their camping trips. The Impact is also budget-friendly, meaning that you can get out and enjoy the countryside without breaking the bank.

The Impact models all feature a garage area at the rear of the RV. This is the perfect spot to house your ATVs, bikes, kayaks, or anything else you like to use in the outdoors. So, if you are an adventure or thrill-seeker, put Impact RVs on your list to check out.

7. Laredo by Keystone

Laredo has a model to suit everyone. It’s as simple as that. It’s the main reason to add Laredo to the list of best travel trailer brands. 

Travel trailers, lightweight fifth wheels, and larger mid-profile fifth wheelers give you an incredible selection to consider. 

If you want a contemporary, modern feel to a trailer, Laredo has you covered. Their affordable range is full of high tech and is built with quality in mind, even without a big price to match. 

Twenty-four different floorplans include multiple slideouts and space for all of your family, no matter which length you choose.

8. Montana by Keystone

Montana travel trailers have been produced by Keystone for more than twenty years. These incredible trailers are for the discerning camper. 

More than 100,000 people own a Montana trailer. Their popularity is so high because of the attention to craftsmanship, technology, and durability. 

We’re putting Montana on this list of travel trailer brands to consider for campers who have been enjoying the road for many years. You know what you like and want. You know what makes you happiest when camping, so a Montana makes sense for you.

9. Raptor by Keystone

Raptor trailers are designed for the outdoors enthusiast. This brand is perfect for people who need space to haul toys. These trailers are innovative in the way they make space for people and machines, bringing happiness to owners who want to use their trailer as a base for exploring the wild. 

Raptors are one of the best travel trailer brands when you need lots of space. The biggest trailer on their list is almost 45 feet long. These trailers are luxurious inside and dependable on the outside. 

10. Wildwood

Wildwood is a Forest River RV brand. This brand is all about convenience. They want your camping experience to be easy and happy because everything is where it should be. 

Big kitchen areas and easy-to-maintain quality vinyl floors are designed for active families. There are plenty of charging spots and big windows for when you need to keep your family inside on bad weather days. 

The lineup includes thirteen models from 22 to 37 feet long. 

These Travel Trailer Brands Will Get You on the Road

As you can see, if you want to be happy and enjoy your camping experience, these travel trailer brands have you covered. No matter your specific needs and budget, there are many different model options to choose from.

Whether you prize luxury, convenience, or space for your toys, one of these brands offers the trailer you need to be happy on the road.

We carry a wide range of new and used trailers. We also have a great team of travel trailer experts. So contact us today to ask about checking out some trailers to see what fits you best.