New or Used RV: Which is the Best Deal for You?

When buying a new or used rv, there are many factors to consider. Which one is the best for you and your wallet? Click here to find out more.

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One of the best ways to travel across our great country is by way of an RV. An RV is a great way to take a road trip as well as rest and relax. It works well as a mode of transport as well as an alternative to a home.

But when choosing an RV for the first time, you are trapped in a dilemma.

You want to know whether you should buy a new or used RV.

There are pros and cons to both. We have prepared this guide to help you out.

The Guide To A New Or Used RV

The first step is to consider your budget. You are sure to find an RV in either the new or used category.

First time RV buyers might get caught up with features. But you want to make sure that your RV is functional before getting obsessed with features. Choose your budget and make sure you stick to it. When shopping, you should also always look for special offers.

Here’s what else you need to know about new and used RVs:

  1. New RV

The benefit of a new RV is that you won’t have to worry about major defects, repairs, or renovation. You will be able to choose the latest model from the top brands. 

All the features will likely be working and if there are any defects, they will be minor and easily (and affordably) repairable. Newer RV’s can also be customized to your liking.

With a new RV, you will also get features you may not find in older RVs. This can include TV sets, music systems, advanced kitchens, etc.

Again, we only suggest a new RV if it fits within your budget. While the features make the RV more enjoyable, you should focus on functionality and reliability first.

  1. Used RV

If you decide to buy a used RV, you have to first make sure that it is in great condition. You should also opt for one that is under 10 years old. When deciding to camp, many RV parks – particularly upscale parks – may prohibit RV’s that are over 10 years old.

It’s always preferred to purchase a used RV from a dealer as opposed to an individual. A dealer will aim to maintain the RV, choose the best brands, and the best models. They will also focus on features to draw in the consumer, but their focus will always be on reliability and functionality.

When choosing a used RV you should ask your dealer about the ownership history. You should conduct an inspection of the interior and exterior of the RV. Ask about how many miles the RV has traveled. You also want to do your research on the popularity of the RV and how familiar it is to mechanics – if it ever needs to be renovated or repaired.

If you are able to take the RV for a test drive make sure you do so. 

Next, let’s look at what you need to consider when choosing an RV.

  1. Shop Around

Do not settle on the first RV that catches your eye. Make sure that you consider at least three different models before settling on the RV of your choice. Your RV will last for a few years, so you want to make sure you can commit to one that works best.

You also want to do online research on different RVs. We suggest consulting with current RV owners on which RV’s they prefer. Use their suggestions as a guide to choosing your RV.

  1. Don’t Obsess With Brands

Like any other product, the RV will have its hierarchy of brands. While it is important to research the best brands, you should also choose the RV that suits your personal taste. If you intuitively feel comfortable with an RV you should go for it – and not worry if it belongs to a prominent brand.

You should, however, ensure that the brand is well known enough to have mechanics who can repair it. You want to make sure that it is, at the very least, a trusted brand.

You can also ask your dealer as to which brands are preferred by their customers. This can give you an idea of which brands work best with RV enthusiasts.

  1. Hold Off On Customization

If you do want to customize your RV and add additional features – such as a bigger TV or a surround sound system, this should be put off. Focus on buying the RV first and then you can customize it after you purchase it.

Customization can break your bank and it’s this that puts a lot of would-be RV enthusiasts off. But you have to think about your RV as a long-term investment, just like your house. Buy the RV at a price that fits into your budget. You will have years to customize it to your liking.

  1. Ask The Right Questions

When buying your RV, make sure you ask the dealership the right questions. You want to make sure that you aren’t missing out on anything.

You should ask them how popular the RV models you are considering are. You can ask them (if buying a used RV) if the RV has traveled frequently and if it is a favorite for RV enthusiasts who like to camp. You should ask about the warranty (if any) of the RV. You should ask the dealer what mechanics they recommend for renovation or repair.

You can ask about the possible customization and what the limits of customization are. Make sure that you do your research on RV’s so you can always ask the right questions.

Read online, consult with existing RV users, and do a bit of research before you buy.

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